Monday, April 27, 2015

Chapter 19 - Update #7 - April 22, 2015

The whole drive to the airport was miraculous.  You remember all too well how I missed my flight back home in January.  Everyone now is always so concerned I leave even earlier than needed, just in case!   There is also a lot of construction going on with roads in Jinja and the road on the other side of the Nile.  It is actually quite messy.  

By stopping at the house we were about 45 minutes behind of when we wanted to leave but it was all so worth it.  But as soon as we got on the bridge crossing the Nile River, Godfrey realized he forgot his phone at the home!  His wife called Frank to see if one of them could jump on a boda boda and bring the phone to us.  So we stopped at our normal petro station to fill up the van.  The  bonus was I was able to meet Rebecca, the manager of the station and good friend of Godfrey.  She was a huge support to Godfrey during the purchase of the house.  I was able to personally thank her for all of her help.  Just as we were ready to leave, Jonathan came on a boda with Godfrey’s phone...and we were off!   It was just another example of our students taking on leadership responsibilities!  I was able to drive away looking at Jonathan’s smiling face!  

Besides Godfrey, I was also escorted by Irene, Annet, Baby Hope and my friend Mary to the airport.  As you remember from one of the other updates, Mary is my friend and tailor who has made all of my African clothes the past 8 years.  The material needed for the choir uniforms had to be bought in Kampala.  To save a trip & the fuel, they all came so they could stop in Kampala on the way home.  It was fun having all of them with us.  Godfrey sent me a message last night that they were successful!  I can’t wait to see the finished uniforms!    He said the cost of the material alone was only the equivalent of $135 USD.  That is uniforms for all 13 plus Annet as the director. I am not sure what Mary’s labor costs will be but altogether it should only cost about $18 per uniform!   I cant wait to see when they are all finished!  

Godfrey is an amazing driver.  We prayed before we left knowing that we needed clear roads in order to make it in time.  As we approached Kampala he asked me what time it was because the time of day will direct which is the best route.  At that point it was close to noon so he decided to go right through the heart of town.  That surprised me because I was sure during the noon hour people would be getting in their cars to head out for lunch.   Well, in Kampala it is totally the opposite.  During that time everyone is busy eating lunch but they don’t leave their offices.  Godfrey was absolutely right!  We pretty much sailed through Kampala!   Godfrey even commented on how God answered our prayer for a clear pathway & it was pretty miraculous! 

We were able to stop just outside of Kampala to meet up with our friend Sheila Kajumba!  Her son, Aaron and daughter, Rebecca live in Ventura so I am able to bring a few small things back and forth for them.  It is always good to see her even for a quick hello and lots of hugs! 

We then made it to the Entebbe Airport in plenty of time for check-in!  It is always hard to say goodbye but seemed a little harder this time.  Thankfully, once checked in and  through passport control, I didn’t have long to wait before boarding.  As always, as my plane leaves Ugandan soil, the tears well up in my eyes.  This time I was also reading the letters from the children.   It is a mixture of pure joy and a love that causes the mixture of emotions. 

The flight from Dubai to LAX was great.  It again was their large A380 plane.  It was so smooth I didn’t even feel the take-off!  

Once at LAX I took the Road Runner shuttle service that is the door to door service.  Because I had Bible study at my house that evening, I needed to get home on time.  It actually worked out great!  The shuttle driver started asking me questions about my work in Uganda.  Turns out that he attends Calvary Chapel in Oxnard!  He was touched by the stories of the children and all that God is doing!  

I am going to catch you up with the activities of the weekend in the next update!  Continue to pray for me as I process and recover.    I actually had to turn around on
Thursday and board a plane for Kentucky.  Michael and his friends are running in a marathon on Saturday so I am here until Sunday.  In the land of the Kentucky Derby which is next weekend, it is again another culture that I am acclimating to.   I actually slept the whole flight from LAX to Detroit...then slept from Detroit to Louisville!  THAT is very odd for me!   

So keep praying for me!  I will have the other updates done hopefully by this evening!  

Still in awe! 
mama eydie kisakye!  

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