Friday, January 1, 2010

January 2, 2009!

God is in the midst of us. He worked in powerful ways yesterday! God is working in the lives of each individual here. We continue to bond together as a team. Connie had God work in ways in her life that we witness God do what only He can do. I will have her give testimony to all that He is doing in her life in another entry. But as we had moments of prayer very specific times, the thunder came. We heard the voice of God. On my last trip here in May, God revealed Himself to the team in the thunder & lightening & rain. Rachel gave us the verse in Psalms 77:16-20. Our God who parted the Red Sea is still in control today. His power is awesome! As we left the hotel ... the rain began! Hallelujah! Even as I write this...I can hear the thunder in the background. God's presence has been made known every moment of the day. God has been using Godfrey in ways that we know it is only God working through him.

The rain has been refreshing! God is pouring out His blessings!

We spent the afternoon at the home! The team just loved meeting the children. Because of the donations of some from Makaila's church...we had board games to play all afternoon! We gave the children some of the clothes and supplies that we had brought with us. We also were able to buy them soda for the New Year! We had our first meal at the home...matoke, tilapia, cabbage, macaroni, & irish potatoes! Yummmm!

Last night we were on our way home and the van got a flat tire! Good thing it only happened right outside the gate of the home...not on the main road! But because of the rain...when Shadrack & Godfrey & Kurt tried to get the tire off, the tire and the tool to get it off kept sinking in the mud! But praise to God...after shoveling out some of the dirt under the tire...they were able to get the spare tire on and back on the road!

I am on my way to join the team for breakfast. We will go down to the Source Cafe today to do some shopping! Then we will spend the afternoon at the home with the children.

All is going very well. We are very aware that the 24 hour prayer chain is lifting us up in prayer. It has made a huge difference on this trip to know we have this constant covering in prayer.
Prayer Points:
1) For continued perseverance as the team needs energy to push through! The jet lag and the overnight and the entry into the culture can take it's tool. Pray for the team members to get the rest they be ready to receive what God has for them.
2) Pray for wisdom as we begin minister to the children.
3) Pray for a renewed sense of HOPE to infilterate the children's lives.
4) Pray for the additional finances we need to furnish the house.
5) Pray for Hotel Paradise on the Nile who are our gracious host!
6) Pray God continue to reveal Himself to each individual and to the team.
7) Pray for me today as I have to meet with various individuals on the staff & at the church. May God receive all the glory. Pray for wisdom and discernment.

Hebrews 6:19 "This hope is a strong & trustworthy anchor for our souls. It leads us through the curtain into God's inner sanctuary."


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