Friday, January 8, 2010

re: Saturday, January 9, 2010

Yesterday (Friday) we had a very full day of moving around! We traveled to Kampala to have a meeting with the landlord.

As we arrived in Kampala we found the building, “Amber House” where the landlord’s office is. Turns out that he is a lawyer, as well as his daughter who is the person that has had the direct dealing with us. It was good to finally met her as I have just heard her name! For those who saw the prayer request on the blog to be praying for my meeting yesterday, I thank you. God answered our prayers. Even as we tried to find parking on this very busy street…he answered prayer and all of a sudden there was an open spot. You would have had to be there to appreciate it! It was just across the street from the building…right next to a Christian bookstore. The rest of the team waited in the van and worked on their project for the day…and also went to the bookstore that I heard was really nice! God is good!

I will give details in a later email when I return about the decisions we need to make about the property. Please be in prayer as we have been given a few options. We need wisdom as to what the next step will be. The biggest thing is the fact that I have finally met them and they are willing to work together with us. I am thankful that I had Godfrey, Solomon and Shadrack with me! I have a great new team mobilized together. God is going to do great things.

Solomon suggested that we have lunch at the Bible House. I have not been back there since my first trip.

We then traveled back to Mukono…this time stopping at Godfrey’s new home. We did not find Irene there…as they had gone to the hospital. Their little baby had fallen sick so she went for treatment. We were able to pray with Godfrey to bless his new home and his new ministry.

Last night we had just enough time to go to the home and have about ½ hour with the children. Our team did a skit to tell the story of Daniel in the Lions Den. You should have seen the “lions!” They were great! We had devotion time…but then had to return to the hotel early. Mrs. Otile, owner of Hotel Paradise invited our team to dinner. We had planned to be there at 7 pm to have dinner with her. At the last moment, she had to make a visit to the hospital to see a colleague so we share our dinner as a team. But we are thankful for gracious hosts here at the hotel.

Prayer Points:
1) Pray for us today as we finish up last minute shopping in town. We also go to look for a refrigerator for the home to replace the one that is gone. We will be at the home for the majority of the day after that.
2) Pray as we begin the process of leaving. I will be ministering to the team about the reverse culture shock that occurs in reentering our society.
3) Pray for the children of Living Hope that their focus remain on God & not on the team. Pray as we leave it has not been about us…all about Him! He is the one that remains with them…so be strong & courageous!
4) Pray for Brandi & Kurt as we they prepare to engage in the culture as the team leaves.
5) Pray for healing for Pastor Paul & Godfrey’s children as both babies are sick.
6) We minister to Revival Christian Center as we minister there tomorrow before leaving.
7) Pray for safety as we fly home on Sunday.
Return flight: January 10, 2010
From Entebbe Airport , Uganda
Time of Departure: 4:20 pm
Flight Number: EK 724
Arrival in Dubai International: 12:35 am (January 11, 2010)
Inflight: 7 hours, 15 minutes

Departure from Dubai : 8:30 am (January 11, 2010)
Flight number: EK 215
Inflight: 16 hours, 30 minutes
Arrival in Los Angeles International Airport : 12:50 pm (January 11, 2010)
We love you all and thank you for being a part of this journey. I may not post another blog until we return. It will depend on time.

Be in prayer for me as I have an ISP (International Service Project) meeting on Monday night when I arrive home from 6 pm-9 pm. I travel straight from the airport to California Baptist University! I look forward to meeting with my new ISP team for our May trip! They will receive fresh greetings from Uganda!!!

Also look forward to celebrating Kiana’s 16th birthday on Tuesday!

Love you all! Thank you for praying. You have made the difference!


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