Monday, January 4, 2010

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

We had a GREAT time yesterday at the home! We started the process of preparing the main house for painting. All things are new!! God provided the money to buy paint and supplies so we could clean, prepare and paint the entire inside of the main house. We are so excited! There is an air of newness ... like a breath of fresh air!

We started our week of Bible teaching as well. Wish you all could have been here to experience the team acting out a skit! It was a Max Lucado story that had a big impact...not only on the lives of the children...but on the lives of the individual team members!

I continued to lead the children in the evening devotion the team kept preparing the inside of the house for painting.

We are on our way to the home right now. So this update is short. I will post again tomorrow.

Just know that our God is answering prayers in miraculous ways. He is moving!

Prayer points:
1) Safety as we paint the main house.
2) Guidance and wisdom as the team shares with the children.
3) Good health for the team.
4) I meet with the landlord today. Pray for discernment and God to be glorified.


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