Sunday, January 3, 2010

January 4, 2010

We have had a great weekend!! It is now Monday morning and we are now on our way to the morning devotions with the staff at Hotel Paradise! We are looking forward to worshiping with our brothers & sisters in Christ this morning! We have missed being with them this weekend! I was not able to post on the blog yesterday as the business center was not open before going to church.

We had a great service at Cornerstone Baptist Church yesterday! It was good to see friends and family there. Our team was each able to introduce themselves to the congregation. They are very excited to hear the news about Brandi & Kurt staying in Uganda for us the next 6 months. We praised God together... and worshiped Him in prayer. Pastor Paul gave the message...and Pastor Gerad spoke a little bit at the close of the service. It was a good first experience for the team. Services were from 10 am to about 12 noon.

We were able to spend the afternoon with the children at the home. It was a very relaxed afternoon of playing games and just being with the children. We were able to sign music and dance to my ipod music...something they always love!! They remember all the sign language that I have taught them...they are getting better and better!!

We left early yesterday to go back to the hotel to work on the program for the week. We first went to the hotel next door, The Sunset Hotel to have dinner. The view of the Nile River is amazing from there! We had a nice team time together and a great dinner. We then spent the rest of the evening working on the crafts and getting the skit ready for today! You should see the skit they have put together for today! It is really going to be great!

Prayer points:
1) This is a critical week as the team leads the Bible studies, crafts and prayer for the children at Living Hope. Pray for God to work in and through each team member to communicate the gospel to them.
2) Pray for HOPE to be restored in the lives of the children.
3) Pray for clear direction and discernment and we work among the people.
4) Pray for clear vision for the team members.
5) Pray the team be still and hear from God.
6) Pray this week would bring gl0ry and honor to Him!
7) Pray for continued good health and energy.

I will update more later. I hear the praise and worship starting in the other room. Must sign off for now. I also have not sent out any other email updates as of yet. We have not been able to have an extended time at the computers. Tomorrow I will try and send out the email updates!

Love to all our family and friends. God is doing great and amazing things!

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