Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Chapter 20 - Update #8 - August 10, 2015


First I must apologize for not writing updates this week.  Ever since the team’s arrival we have been on the move.  If you go to the Raining Hope Facebook page or my personal facebook page (Eydie Miskel), you will see two videos posted by Shannon Sutton.  She is doing an amazing job as our photographer, capturing on video and photo all that God is doing.   The same videos will be posted to the blog soon.  

Our team is leaving for Entebbe tomorrow (August 12th).  Our flight is at 1:00 am on Thursday, August 13th. We will need to leave for the airport tomorrow afternoon and wait there for the early morning flight.   

I will catch you up as much as I can before leaving.  Some of the updates will probably have to happen as we travel home.  I just wanted to send a quick note to let you know that all is extremely well!!!   Each person on the team is doing well and being blessed.  

Here is our flight information: 

British Airways BA 62
Depart Entebbe Thursday, Aug 13 1:10 am 
Arrive London Thursday, Aug 13 7:55 am
Duration of Flight 8 Hours 45 minutes 

British Airways BA 283 
Depart London Thursday, Aug 13 9:45 am 
Arrive Los Angeles Thursday Aug 13 12:55 pm 
Duration of Flight 11 hours 10 minutes 

Please pray for the team today.  We will have the official “strong & courageous” send off from the home tonight.  We have learned to finish well and leave the home well.  While it encourages the kids and the team, it is also an emotional time for all.  Since the home is close to the hotel, we will be able to stop there on the way to the airport.  Not everyone will be home is why we will do the official send off tonight.  

Today we are in our final debrief session for half of the day.  We will then do our last minute stops in town so I can say thank you to my friends before heading to the house.  

We are praying we finish well and stay strong and courageous!  

I will write more tonight! 

For His Glory, 
mama kisakye! 

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